Heize Apologizes For Goblin OST Controversy In Heartfelt Instagram Post

Heize has decided to speak out against the comments and speculations regarding her participation in the latest Goblin OST release.

The recent release of Goblin’s official soundtrack single, “Round and Round”, elicited an unexpectedly negative response from fans of the show. Many fans even went so far as to publicly speculate that Heize was responsible for usurping Han Sooji‘s place in the song. Heize, who had caught wind of all the negative feedback, decided to come forward and address the situation via her Instagram.

In a lengthy post, Heize clarified that she had been approached by Goblin and had simply been asked to record the song from start to finish.  She further reveals that she has no idea why the company chose to re-record the introduction song and that she is waiting on clarification from the official feedback.


The post reads as the  following:


“I know that there are many stories coming out about the Goblin OST that I featured in.

I tried to wait for the official feedback because I thought it was right to precisely understand the situation before I said anything, but I would like to say something to my fans as I am very frustrated right now.

“I have never once made a shameful or dishonorable action where I couldn’t stand confidently in myself, nor do I ever plan on making those kinds of actions. I, myself, am also currently in a situation where I have to wait to hear feedback regarding the feature labelling issue.

I have never taken or stolen anything from anyone. The route I took to sing “Round and Round” was a very common and typical one. I received the offer for the song from Goblin and I had no reason to decline the offer. The 50 second intro that everyone’s ears are familiar with is the part sung by Han Sooji; I received a request to sing the full version of the song. I do not know the reasoning behind re-recording a song that is already so familiar to the listener’s ears. I can’t say anything about that, since I am not an official of the drama, or the OST provider.

When I recorded it, I recorded the entire song from beginning to end, but the official released version was mixed with the intro that was heard in the drama, not the version I sang alone. I was also meant to be the main artist for the song. It was not planned to have this song be released by another artist, so even I learned about this from articles.

I am embarrassed that things were different from what I thought, and I have to know exactly what went on so I can clear my mind about it. However to all the people who made assumptions and spoke about those false assumptions as if they were truths, I am able to say that the truth is not what you all think it is.

Besides that, I am still waiting for the official feedback, and I am sorry to hear that the song with my name attached to it is causing so much confusion. I want to re-iterate that the details I mentioned above are true. I just can’t sit back and watch this situation with speculation and misunderstandings anymore, so I wrote a few words to clarify my position.

I am sorry I have confused the minds of all my beloved fans… thank you for reading this long story.”
– Heize