Heize Revealed Her Inner Taeyeon Fangirl Online And Fans Are Loving It

Heize couldn’t help expressing her love for Taeyeon:

Heize has been a big fan of Taeyeon for a long time now and every once in a while she truly lets her inner fangirl shine bright!


Last year, she got to meet up with Taeyeon and freaked out when she got to hug her…


And now her fangirling is back again! Heize released “She’s Fine” on March 19 while Taeyeon released “Four Seasons” on March 24. Despite releasing music so close together, Heize didn’t promote her music through her Instagram story instead she showed her love for Taeyeon’s music!


She recently took a snapshot of what she’s been playing lately and, of course, it was Taeyeon’s “Four Seasons”! In the story, Heize couldn’t help showing some extra love with her “Love you so much” caption!


Not only that but Heize got another surprise when Taeyeon left her a comment on a different Instagram post.


Fans are loving all of these cute interactions and are so happy for the lucky fangirl!


Now when can we see them meet up again?