Here’s The Best Age For A Woman To Get Married, According To Koreans — And It’s Honestly Not What You Think

Korean women believe it’s the best age to get married. What are your thoughts?

It’s such a big deal whenever famous Korean celebrities get married. The fans celebrate. The Internet celebrates. The whole country celebrates.

You see, the topic of marriage is popular, especially when you see it being explored on several Korean dramas you’ve watched.


In majority of the dramas, though, the female lead gets married at a fairly young age — early to late twenties…

…when in fact, a lot of women in Korea actually get married around their late twenties or early thirties nowadays.

According to several women interviewed by ASIAN BOSS, most women in Korea get married around the age of 32.

When asked why there is such a phenomenon, the interviewed women say that it’s usually because of peer pressure, where friends suddenly get married in their 30s, as if they made a pact…

…or because of family pressure, since most of their family members ask them about why they aren’t married yet, too.

Society used to dictate that when you pass your mid-thirties, it’s already late for a woman to get married.

But now, Korean women have a different opinion, as age 40 is something that they consider late when it comes to marriage.

Women also believe that the concept of getting married early stemmed from the older generation…

…with their own parents being more open about expressing their beliefs to their single daughters.

Sometimes, the questions can be uncomfortable for the women as well.

When asked for their opinion as to why women got married fairly early in the past, one woman mentioned that perhaps the women back then weren’t that ambitious about their dreams…

…compared to women in today’s generation who want to pursue their dreams as much as they can.

Finally, one woman gave her opinion by saying that maybe fewer women are getting married today because more women find living independently to be better now.

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