Here’s Why BTS Jin’s Dancing Needs To Be Respected, According To An Idol Trainer

Jin’s efforts need to be regognized.

A Korean idol trainer gave his views on the transformation of BTS Jin’s dancing and called it not just an improvement but an evolution.

He believed that the member that needed the most recognition and respect from the group was in fact, Jin. He then goes in depth as to why Jin’s transformation and growth in dancing is so amazing.

He first compares a video of Jin dancing in 2013 and points out some awkward dance movement as he lacks the skill of a performance idol member. You can see that he is not breathing correctly and that he is too focused on getting the choreography correct, making his moves look unnatural. Although his dance moves are correct, he seems to be following the beat instead of going right on it.

He then compares Jin’s dancing to their newest title track “ON.” You can see right away his improvement in his dancing as he breathes on point as he understands his dancing proportions and lines. He even adds some free-style into his dance moves, giving it more flair. His part in the front and center is also right on the beat and looks clean.

After taking a look at a critical analysis of Jin’s dancing, he goes on to explain different reasons as to why Jin deserves honorable mention on his dancing.

One reason is that Jin’s original dream was to become an actor and not an idol. While the other members were immersed in dance and music before debuting as a group, Jin was a theater and film major in university. It is known by many that in order to be accepted into this department, one has to have really great visuals. Another reason is that Jin started his career as an idol in his twenties. It is much harder to learn how to dance after your teenage years because most of your bones are already set in place, making it more difficult to move in different positions.

Jin’s improvement and evolution of dance is all through his hard work and efforts. Although he is the oldest member, he does not use his age to gain power towards the younger members. Jin knows that he lacks compared to the other members and always takes the time and effort to work harder than the rest of the members so as not to take away from the group. The other members are aware of Jin’s efforts and look up to him.

Although Jin is not the leader of the group, his efforts and hard work that he puts in have given a positive influence on the other members and has helped immensely in the growth and evolution of BTS.

Watch the full analysis video below!