Here’s BTS RM’s First Encounter With P*rn…And It Was At A Surprisingly Young Age

RM even hilariously apologizes to his father.

Usually, idols like remaining more “pure”, and topics like porn are ignored. However, BTS‘s RM once revealed his hilarious first encounter with adult videos on an episode of Problematic Men. RM surprisingly first encountered it when he was in 2’nd grade.

The cast of Problematic Men were shocked to hear that RM encountered the videos at such a young age. RM goes on to explain that the encounter was just an accident.

RM was just trying to study when he got bombarded with a bunch of spam websites.

Out of fascination, RM ended up clicking on one of the links.

At first, RM tried closing all the websites, as he didn’t want to get into any trouble. Yet, these websites later started to come into his mind.

RM also reveals another hilarious detail about this story, as the websites had people verify their age to enter. RM ended up temporarily using his father’s ID.

RM hilariously apologizes to his father over the incident.

Here is the full video below!