Here’s The Cruel Reality Behind K-Pop Idols And Their Weight Loss

K-Pop idols sometimes go far lengths to lose weight.

The K-Pop industry is quite obsessed with weight, and a lot of companies expect their idols to be extremely thin. Not only that, but malicious netizens also tend to criticize idols if they aren’t thin. Due to this, a lot of idols have attempted dangerous diets to lose weight.

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A YouTube channel by the name of Doyouram – Everyday K-Culture uploaded a video talking about how a lot of idols go on unsafe diets to lose weight. Red Velvet‘s Joy is one idol who was talked about in the video, as when Joy debuted, she received a lot of malicious comments from netizens about her weight.

Joy eventually went on a diet that consisted of paprika and an apple in the morning, a chicken breast salad for lunch, and a protein shake for dinner.

While Joy did manage to lose weight with this diet, she did suffer a little due to her cutting down on food. Thankfully, Joy now manages her body by eating healthily and exercising.

Another idol who was talked about was gugudan‘s Mina, as she went on an extreme diet after seeing herself on Produce 101.

Mina decided to cut out food and replaced her meals with bottles of carbonated water.

Mina did manage to lose weight with this diet, but she experienced some harsh side effects, such as dizziness. She eventually changed her diet to a more healthy one and also began exercising.

BTS‘s Jimin is another idol who went on an extreme diet to lose weight, as he once decided to eat only one meal a day for 10 days straight.

Thankfully, Jimin never attempted this kind of diet again, as he realized how dangerous it was.

While there are plenty of idols who lost weight dangerously, there are also idols who lost weight healthily. One example is TWICE‘s Jihyo, as she lost weight by cutting down on food and steadily increasing the amount of exercise she does.

Here’s the full video below.