Here’s How Fansites Really Take Pictures Of Their Idols At The Airport

“It looks like they wouldn’t even be able to breathe.”

We’ve all seen those perfect shots of our favorite idols at the airport and while many of those photographs are taken by news sites, many more of those photos are taken by fansites.


But those seemingly perfect shots come at a price…


And it’s one that a lot of fans aren’t comfortable with at all.


Because what you see from one side of the camera…


Is completely different on the other side!


While these photos have been circulated around the internet before, they’ve recently resurfaced and are raising a lot of eyebrows among netizens who are not happy that some fansites go to such extremes to get their photos.


Netizens have been talking about how this type of behavior not only breaches the privacy of idols but also can cause dangerous situations for the fansite managers themselves, as well as, the idols and anyone else caught in the area.

  • “It looks like they wouldn’t even be able to breathe.”

  • “I’ve witnessed this in real life and it just looks so… uncomfortable and dangerous ㅠㅠㅠ.”

  • “It looks so suffocating. It’s not like they’re monkeys at a zoo!”

  • “Seeing that makes me feel like I’m having a panic attack. It’s so crowded and scary.”


Since Wanna One, BTS, and EXO have all had their privacy breached during flights not too long ago, netizens have been especially critical of these photos.

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And have even been urging other fans to stay far away from photos taken at the airport as well as fansites who regularly post photos from the location.

  • “Wow…can they really just not go to airports? It makes my heart hurt.”

  • “Hul…this is scary. Can we all just stay away from these photos?”

  • “The way they act is like sasaengs. I think we all need to respect the idols and not like any of these airport pictures.”