Here’s GOT7 Jackson’s Honest Opinion About Online Haters

Jackson has changed his mindset since his debut.

Online haters are one of the worst things that idols have to deal with, as idols often get criticized for absurd reasons. During an episode of Idol Producer, GOT7‘s Jackson decided to speak with the trainees on the show and gave them some advice on how to deal with haters.

Jackson revealed that when he debuted, he did get bothered by haters, as he didn’t understand why people were saying malicious things about him even though he did nothing wrong.

However, after a few years, Jackson decided to change his mindset, as he started to become thankful for these haters.

The reason why Jackson’s thankful is that these haters are still following his activities and paying attention to him.

Jackson would rather have haters who leave malicious comments and pay attention to him than haters who just ignore him.

Here’s the full video below!