Here’s What Happens When BTS’s Jin Gets Drunk

BTS’ Jin revealed his drinking habits on JTBC’s Please Take Care of my Refrigerator.


Jungkook, Jimin, and he often share drinks to celebrate after a concert tour.


Jin mentioned that he often gets extremely clingy and loving when he is under the influence of alcohol!

“I’m a cutie.Even when I’m sober, I tend to be clingy with my members. But it gets even more aggressive when I drink. My aegyo gets more powerful.” – Jin


Jimin also added his input on Jin’s drinking habits.

“You call that jinsang (a troubled customer who makes a scene).” – Jimin


Jin had a clever response saying that this is why Japanese people call him ‘Jin-Sang’ (which sounds a lot like Jin-san).


All the A.R.M.Y would love to have a drink with Jin, and witness his aegyo in person!


Check out Jin’s confession about his drinking habits below!