Here’s Why Heechul Can Never Leave His Window Curtains Open

He was caught off-guard at 3 in the morning…

K-Pop followers know well what evil “Sasaeng (사생)” fans can do. These over-obsessive and extreme so-called fans, who often engage in stalking and other privacy-violating behaviors, have most definitely affected Super Junior‘s Heechul too.


On a recent episode of Knowing Bros, Heechul shared how a chilling text message he received at 3AM forever changed his relationship with windows and curtains.


When he used to live in a dorm with the rest of Super Junior’s members, Heechul left his curtains open because, for one, no one thinks to close the curtains at 3 in the morning. Plus, he wasn’t aware of just how far “sasaengs” will go.


The clueless Heechul began roaming about the dorm in his underwear.


Then he received a text message that read, “Your teddy bear underwear is so cute, Heechul.” 

“It was even worse because I was on the 12th floor.” — Heechul


From then on, Heechul gave up ever having views from his place. He claimed he leaves his curtains shut no matter the time of day.


“Sasaengs” are an unending problem in the K-Pop scene.

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While such “fans” will call this acts of love, it is difficult to believe that such violation of K-Pop stars’ privacies is anything else but harassment.

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