Here’s why Jaejoong got offended when a fan gave him lemon tea

Fans often give their biases gifts the idol may need but when Jaejoong was given this gift, he was slightly offended by what it implied.

JYJ‘s Jaejoong recently admitted during an online broadcast that he had received a gift that slightly offended him and the reason is absolutely hilarious. The fan had given Jaejoong lemon and Yuja tea at a signing, however, lemon tea is often used to prevent aging.

Of course, Jaejoong’s natural reaction was to interpret this as the fan was saying that needs to stop aging.

Jaejoong definitely doesn’t need to worry so much about aging, because he is 31 years old and can definitely pass for being in his early 20’s.

Check out the GIFs of the hilarious moment below: 

This is hilarious!

The secret to preventing aging.

Poor Jaejoong.

Jaejoong was released from the military this past December and immediately held his first solo concert tour only a month he was discharged in various cities. He graced his presence in Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Thailand, Macao and Taiwan.

Even though he went through a strict military service and held various activities, Jaejoong still looks as youthful as his debut self. Jaejoong shouldn’t worry too much about aging as he still looks young and full of energy.