Here’s what Koreans think of the new freckle tattoo trend

Unlike most of the international community, Koreans are reacting differently to the freckle tattoo trend, and here’s why.

Having ‘fake freckles’ is a growing trend abroad in which people use makeup or tattoos in order to give an illusion of a freckled face.

In Korea, the normal standard of beauty is to have a blank canvas porcelain colored face, and having freckles would place you as a minority. The freckles can be made with temporary stick on tattoos, makeup, or with needles like real tattoos.

A post on Instiz exhibited photos of the unique trend of tattooed freckles, and a majority of the comments by the netizens expressed confusion and dislike.

A woman who underwent a tattoo procedure for freckles.

This is how the tattoos are done.

This woman’s freckles look extremely natural!

The fake tattoos can be done in different sizes.

The fake freckles can be placed sparsely or condensed, depending on personal taste.

Just like normal tattoos, freckle tattoos takes some time to heal.

After seeing these images, Korean netizens expressed the opinions on fake freckles.

“They look like blackheads or strawberries.”

“Can’t they just use make up for that..? It doesn’t look natural at all…”

“Ah.. I feel sorry towards their skin… Meanwhile, I’m here doing everything possible to get rid of my freckles…”

“I just got home from a dermatologist to get rid of my freckles… and they pay people to draw freckles on their faces..?”

“Those who naturally have freckles on their faces must be feeling really offended to see this…”

“What will happen when this trend ends…”

“It looks unnatural…”

What do you think about fake freckles?

Source: Instiz