Here’s What Koreans Think About The Recent Bullying Scandals In K-Pop

They gave a broad range of answers.

Recently many idols have been coming out and speaking about getting bullied. Former AOA member Mina recently spoke on how Jimin bullied her during their time together in AOA.


Former ILUV member Shin Minah also spoke on how she was bullied by several of the members of ILUV.

Shin Minah

A YouTube channel by the name of JerryRic decided to interview some Koreans to get their opinions on the recent bullying scandals in K-Pop. Many of the interviewees agreed that bullying is an inhumane act and that it should be looked at seriously.

When asked how companies can resolve issues like this, many of the interviewees felt that companies usually don’t do anything about these kinds of scandals until someone reveals it to the public.

They hoped that companies would resolve these kinds of issues in the early stages rather than waiting until it gets revealed to the public.

When asked why bullying happens in K-Pop groups, some interviewees felt that it could be due to a member being jealous of another member.


Some felt that the company is more at fault, as companies tend to create rivalries among the members of a group.


Personality differences could also be a reason behind the bullying, as one interviewee felt that people in a group can tend to ignore or hurt others when trying to achieve their individual goals.


When asked what can be done to prevent bullying in K-Pop groups, one interviewee believed that companies should be more careful when selecting the members of a group and that they should consider the compatibility of each member’s personality.


There’s more in the full video below!