Here’s Why K-Pop Is So Popular In South America

South American fans have revealed why they love K-Pop so much!

K-Pop has taken South America by storm, and with fan clubs boasting thousands of members, it comes as no surprise that K-Pop concerts will often sell out within hours!


… But, why is K-Pop so popular in South American countries?


Well, recent interviews with South American fans have revealed that it is because K-Pop is a positive influence! Fans explained that they appreciate how K-Pop focuses on encouraging lyrics and choreography.

It’s because K-Pop only shows good things. They never show negative things like drugs or alcohol. Instead they show people dancing happily, and singing beautifully.” — South American K-Pop Fan


The wholesome images portrayed by K-Pop have completely changed people’s attitudes.

“I used to listen to heavy rock. But after I became a K-Pop fan, my personality has become much softer.” — South American K-Pop Fan


Uplifting messages like “you are the best,” “you can do it,” and “you are just right,” has even helped many K-Pop fans during their difficult times!

“I was bullied in school, so I had many days where I just wanted to die. But I became stronger because of K-Pop, and I was able to overcome my difficulties.” — South American K-Pop Fan


With such positive vibes, it’s no wonder K-Pop is so popular in South America!

Source: Dispatch and Bada