Here’s Why Media Are Spreading Rumors That Crayon Pop Soyul is Pregnant

Crayon Pop’s Soyul and Moon Hee Jun were revealed to be in a relationship and set to be married. Rumors immediately began to sprout that she was pregnant, here why they are made up.

Certain media began to report immediately that Crayon Pop’s Soyul was pregnant, due to the sudden wedding announcement. Here’s how these rumors started.

The relationship was revealed through personal notes from both Moon Hee Jun and Soyul. The two artists agencies both confirmed the news as well. However, when rumors sprouted from anonymous netizens that it was a shotgun wedding, some media jumped on it immediately. However, Crayon Pop’s label IMMEDIATELY denied the rumors.

Chrome Entertainment revealed, “The marriage is not due to a pregnancy.” The label went on to confirm it was not because of any extenuating circumstances.

When Moon Hee Jun’s label was asked the same question, they understandably answered that they cannot comment on the issue because it’s a personal matter. This is completely normal. Moon Hee Jun is 38 years old.

It would be highly inappropriate for a label to comment on the personal matters of a 38 year old artist they are managing.

Just last month, Soyul took an indefinite hiatus after she was diagnosed with panic disorder preparing for “Evolution Pop”. Her condition worsened as she began performing and was reported to have severe anxiety and consistent nausea.

We hope Soyul isn’t taking these rumors harshly and having it effect her mental health. Stay strong, Soyul.