Here’s Why “Mix Nine” Completely Censored Out These Two Idols On Their Show

JTBC’s Mix Nine completely censored out two idols during a recent episode.

Those two idols were Jun and Chan from the rookie group, A.C.E.

Only three of the five members of A.C.E auditioned in front of Yang Hyun Seok and Zion.T.

When Yang Hyun Suk asked where the other two members were, they answered honestly that the other two members were participating in KBS’s The Unit.

Some netizens are suggesting that JTBC and YG decided to censor the two members because they were salty that the other members chose to appear in their rival show.

The remaining three A.C.E members revealed that they believe Mix Nine will help them get their name out.

Although almost half of their group was missing, A.C.E amazed the viewers with their killer performance skills.

Fans can’t wait to see how the group will grow through the two audition programs!

Source: Dispatch