Here’s How One Of The Biggest Korean Artists From The 1990s Is Now One Of K-Pop’s Most Famous Producers

He’s produced music for some of the biggest stars in K-Pop.

Many stars from the 1990s are still thriving, as some of them are still active in the profession they debuted in.

SHINHWA debuted in 1998 and is still active.

Here’s one famous star from the 1990s who seemingly switched careers, but is still thriving to this day.

The celebrity in question is none other than Teddy Park!

Teddy Park originally debuted in 1998 in the hip hop group 1TYM. The group was a success almost immediately, as their debut album “One Time for Your Mind” was one of the best selling albums of that year.

Over time, Teddy Park started to get more involved as a producer for 1TYM’s music. Teddy Park eventually started to produce music for many artists in YG Entertainment, such as Jinusean.

When 1TYM went into hiatus in 2006, Teddy Park decided to fully commit himself as a producer. He started to become a producer for a lot of the big artists at YG Entertainment, such as Se7en and BIGBANG.

Teddy Park would later become the main producer for 2NE1, and has helped produce some of their most iconic songs, such as “I Don’t Care”.

Now, the main artist that Teddy Park produces for is BLACKPINK. He’s responsible for many of their famous tracks, such as “Whistle” and “BOOMBAYAH”.

In 2015, Teddy Park founded his label, The Black Label, alongside fellow YG Entertainment producer Kush. This is home to many famous artists, such as Somi and Zion.T.