Here’s The Real Explanation Behind This “Impossible” Optical Illusion In Apink’s “Dumhdurum” Choreo

Did you figure it out?

Apink always have impressive moves and transitions in their choreography, but this section of the “Dumhdurum” performance is so complex, it has everyone’s minds boggled. Thankfully, there is and explanation.

Apink recently ended a hiatus of over a year with their new album Look, featuring the title track “Dumhdurum”. Their comeback stage on Music Bank was held on Friday April 17, and one section of the choreo caught everyone’s attention.

Here, it appears that Naeun and Bomi’s hands and arms are phasing through each other as they move them in a serious of complex positions.

All the members performed the same move. Eunji partnered up with Hayoung.

And Chorong partnered up with Namjoo. Clips of each pair have been racking up hundreds of thousands of views on social media as fans have scrabbled to understand what the heck is going on.

One of the clips even made it to r/blackmagicfuckery on Reddit, where users post things that are seemingly unexplainable by anything other than magic. In just one day, the post has already received 37.8 thousand upvotes.

Thankfully, a Redditor with a much quicker brain than us explained how the optical illusion works. While it may look like the Apink members seamlessly swap hands in the middle of the move, they actually never do. The key to the illusion is visible right from the beginning if you look closely.

At first, it looks like each member is pressing their own hands together. However, they’re actually holding each other’s hands. Throughout the whole section of the choreo, they’re moving their hands together in tandem. Its hard to spot because the members are as in sync with each other as they would be themselves.

If you still can’t catch it, don’t worry. Many Redditors commented that they still couldn’t understand the impressive move even after reading the explanation. That’s a definite sign of choreography well done!

Source: Reddit