Here’s Why Red Velvet Yeri Is The Most Beloved Idol Among SM Celebs

Red Velvet‘s youngest member, Yeri, has captured the hearts of fans and now fans have seen her seniors at SM Entertainment fall for her too.

In addition to being known as SM’s youngest girl group member, Red Velvets Yeri has begun to make a name for herself with the various SM groups due to her sweet interactions with artists such as SHINeeEXO, and Girls’ Generation.

SHINee’s Jonghyun often speaks of Yeri as his adorable little sister whom he cherishes very much. On his Instagram, you can see a variety of photos Jonghyun has taken with Yeri that show off their close friendship. Yeri, and the rest of Red Velvet, also often attend SHINee’s concerts and cheer the group on.

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Though there haven’t been explicit public interactions between Yeri and the members of EXO, fans were able to catch Kai’s worried expression when he was informed that Yeri was not performing with Red Velvet at the 2016 Melon Music Awards due to her accident back in October.

Yeri’s close relationship with Girls’ Generation members is no secret either, as fans have often spotted cute interactions between her and various members. She’s often seen hanging out with Yoona at joint concerts and has been caught getting pranked by Yuri and Sooyoung. Yeri was also recently seen gushing over Taeyeon with fellow Red Velvet member Wendy, when she came over to say hello during a recent livestream.

She was also seen at Seohyun’s recent concert where it was reported that she cried when Seohyun sang some of Girl’s Generation old songs.

Of course, the love Yeri has for her sunbaes does not overshadow the love she has for her own team members. If her cute names for the members on her phone isn’t enough indication of her love for them, then her caring nature towards them is surely proof. While live on Instagram, actress Kim Saeron revealed that she had gone with Yeri to go buy Wendy’s birthday gift.

That’s how much Yeri loves her sunbaes.