Here’s How Rumors Spread In K-Pop, According To K-Pop Idols

They also spoke on artists who’ve treated them extremely well.

During an episode of GET REAL, BTOB‘s PenielKARD‘s BM, and former Ladies’ Code member Ashley Choi talked briefly about rumor spreading in K-Pop. Ashley shared that when she was a trainee, trainees at the company would gossip all the time about celebrities.

She shared that trainees would constantly gossip about what they heard about certain celebrities, such as which celebrities were dating, who dated who in the past, pregnancy rumors, etc.

BM didn’t experience this, as the trainees at DSP Media didn’t have many friends from other companies.

Peniel shared that when he was a trainee, people would just spread rumors about stuff they heard about other celebrities.

He also spoke on how no matter how ridiculous some of these rumors were, trainees still believed them.

When it comes to rumors nowadays, Ashley sees a lot of gossip about celebrities’ personalities, such as rumors about certain celebrities being rude. She also spoke on how staff members are one of the reasons things like this spread.

Peniel also spoke on staff members and their potential to spread rumors. One example he gave is how idols could be texting their significant other on their phone, and people like hairstylists could see this when they’re doing their hair.

Ashley also felt that celebrities can be labeled unfairly. If a certain celebrity was in a bad mood and met some staff members for the first time, then they could be labeled as “rude” just from that one experience.

However, BM and Peniel felt that this is a part of being an idol, as they have to be professional and smiling all the time, even if they don’t want to.

BM also shared a way he knows if an artist is rude or not. If he greets them and they choose to greet him back, then he knows they’re kind, but if they ignore him, then he knows that they’re not the kindest people.

The three also talked about some celebrities who’ve treated them well in the past. BM shared that all the members of Super Junior were cool and treated him well.

Peniel shared that SHINHWA was extremely nice to him.

When Peniel first shared his experience of losing his hair, a SHINHWA member gave him some heartwarming encouragement.

Here’s the full video below!