Here’s How Severe The Repercussions Are For Malicious Comments, According To A Lawyer

MAMAMOO’s Solar talked with a lawyer about what can happen to malicious commenters.

Malicious comments are comments that make rude or hurtful statements towards another person. Examples include attacks on personal appearance, lifestyles, or work like music or performances. Oftentimes, K-Pop idols companies will take legal action against malicious commenters. But just how severe are the consequences for this act?

Lawyer Lee Ji Hoon (left) and Solar (right). | solarsido/YouTube 

MAMAMOO‘s Solar sat down with lawyer Lee Ji Hoon to discuss the legal action that can be taken against those who continuously leave negative comments. According to Lee, there are different kinds of comments that can lead to getting sued.

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One example is “contemptuous” comments, one’s that show hatred or negative judgment. Something like, “Solar’s hella ugly… her body looks like a tofu body,” a real comment Solar received, is grounds for legal action for using a curse word and attacking Solar’s appearance.

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Lee explained that there are two possible results if someone is sued and found to be guilty: they can be fined or sentenced to prison. The maximum fine for even just one malicious comment is ₩30.0 million KRW (about $25,500 USD) or they can face up to 3 years in prison.

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Solar revealed that MAMAMOO’s company, RBW, once took legal action and Solar herself overheard the person on the phone crying as they realized the severity of their actions. According to Lee, people who leave these comments will often be children who ask for forgiveness upon being contacted.

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Solar was surprised to hear how strong the consequences were for leaving malicious comments. Though she often receives these comments on her YouTube videos, she made this video with Lee to help inform those commenters who may not be aware their actions have consequences. Check out the full video below to hear more from Solar and lawyer Lee Ji Hoon.

Source: YouTube