Here’s The Shady Truth Behind Some Idol Fancams Going Viral

Some of them didn’t reach viral status the way you’d think.

While many fancams of idols deserve all the views that they get, there are some that leave fans with quite a few questions.

When looking at a particular fancam and the number of views that its gained, it makes some people wonder how it ended up going viral in the first place.

Former Rainbow Member Hyunyoung

When YouTuber Soo Bin, a former idol from girl group BLADY, was asked about it, she revealed the shady reason why.

Fancams are so easily accessible that there are numerous ways for it to catch attention and take off virally, “Sometimes it is by pure luck. It might be going up on the search engines more. It might be a good thumbnail.

Because those methods take a bit of work or mere luck, there’s an easier way to bypass that process altogether.

Instead, all it takes is a bit of money to make a fancam go viral, “It has a lot of various reasons why it might go viral. But, there are many fancams that go viral because they are paid to go viral. And they are purposely making it to go viral.

There’s a particular objective for paying to make certain fancams go viral. Even though some fans may notice their ulterior motive, entertainment companies use fancam promotion under the claim of marketing.

I don’t know if this is an industry secret. But a lot of people watch fancams, and they do know that there could be some sort of marketing there—especially from an entertainment [company’s] standpoint. So, sometimes they might be doing things in the [background] to make certain fancams go viral.

If you ever think a fancam has more views than you would’ve expected it to, it may be because the company paid for it to reach viral status. Yet, that doesn’t mean that every single one did.

Ever since EXID‘s Hani was able to organically skyrocket her group into the spotlight with hers, no one would mind achieving the same for their group. Listen to Soo Bin spill the tea about some fancams that haven’t gone viral so organically here.