Here’s Something That Park Jin Young Does That Slightly “Bothers” The GOT7 Members

GOT7 just casually “exposing” JYP.

The members of GOT7 are quite playful with Park Jin Young, as they’ve shown their close bond many times.

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A YouTube channel by the name of “Just whatever infires man” compiled some moments when the GOT7 members roasted Park Jin Young, and there was one story that seemed to “bother” GOT7 slightly.

The GOT7 members talked about how Park Jin Young favors his female artists quite a bit over his male artists.

When GOT7 had just debuted, they decided to greet Park Jin Young during a JYP Nation concert.

However, Park Jin Young seemingly gave GOT7 a cold reaction when they greeted him.

Park Jin Young’s attitude changed quite a bit when Suzy decided to greet him right after GOT7.

When Suzy greeted Park Jin Young, he gave a much warmer reaction compared to the one he gave to GOT7.

This wasn’t the first time GOT7 mentioned this about Park Jin Young, as Jackson has told this story before on an episode of Radio Star.

There are more hilarious moments in the full video below!