Here’s How Song Ji Hyo Reacted When Kim Jong Kook Called Her Out Of Nowhere

These two have quite the relationship!

Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo share a close bond due to their time together on Running Man. Sometimes they look like they’re each other’s biggest supporters.

Other times the two look like they’re each other’s worst enemies.

A YouTube channel by the name of Family kjk&sjh family Y&M uploaded a video where Kim Jong Kook was giving a lecture at KAIST, which is a university in Korea. During his lecture, Kim Jong Kook decided to give Song Ji Hyo a surprise call.

Kim Jong Kook was a little surprised when Song Ji Hyo picked up. When he asked what she was doing, Song Ji Hyo told him that she was coming back from snowboarding.

Kim Jong Kook decided to get a little playful, and teased Song Ji Hyo for going snowboarding when her legs were already large, which she agreed with.

Song Ji Hyo was in for surprise when Kim Jong Kook broke the news that she was on speakerphone and that their conversation was heard by many university students.

Kim Jong Kook decided to get a little more playful and told Song Ji Hyo that her image could have taken a hit if she had started cursing during the call.

Kim Jong Kook thanked Song Ji Hyo for picking up, as he had been making calls prior, but nobody was picking up.

Song Ji Hyo showed her playful nature by telling him that he should be thankful for her.

Song Ji Hyo concluded the call by giving a heartwarming message to the students listening.

Here’s the full video below!