Here’s What Tiffany Had To Say When Fans Asked Her About Girls’ Generation

Fans may still be feeling the effects from Tiffany’s departure from SM Entertainment but at least she has one assuring update for them. 


Tiffany visited Hong Kong for a scheduled event for Bottega Veneta when she was asked about Taeyeon’s car accident and the rest of the members. 

…And it seems like they continue to keep in touch. 

“All the girls have been keeping in touch and she’s safe. I wish her good luck for all her Christmas concerts and festivities. 

All the girls are good and we’re all keeping in touch with each other so don’t worry!” 


It was one of her first public appearances since leaving SM Entertainment and left fans in awe of her assuring message. 

It strengthened discussion that the group may be able to continue with their activities despite some of the members in different agencies. 

Here’s How Tiffany Is Doing In The States

She was last seen preparing for a shoot in the United States and continues to prepare for her upcoming solo promotions overseas.