Here’s The Time BLACKPINK’s Jennie Showed True Professionalism In The Face Of A Disaster

A little mic mishap didn’t stop her:

BLACKPINK stopped in Malaysia as one of the stops for their “In Your Area” world tour. As expected, they brought down the arena every day they performed and proved once again they’ve got some major talent.

While all of their performances were pure fire, there was one particular performance on day one that caught some attention from fans for a very interesting reason. As “Kiss and Make Up” begins playing, all of the members can be seen on the stage before Jennie quickly turns and leaves.

Shortly after Jennie’s quick exit, Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo‘s platforms raise them into the air.

They continue on as if nothing was wrong and Rosé began to prep herself for Jennie’s upcoming part.

But it turned out she didn’t have to! As Rosé lifted the mic to her lips to perform Jennie’s part of the song, Jennie suddenly started singing from backstage!

As it turned out, Jennie had a problem with her in-ear mic and tried to get it fixed before her part came up but when it didn’t happen in time she improvised beautifully. Eventually, the piece was fixed and Jennie was able to join her members on stage to complete the song.

The way that they handled the situation not only showed Jennie’s true professionalism but Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé’s too! Check out the amazing moment in the fancam below: