Here’s TWICE Nayeon’s Simple Message To Fans Who Stalk Their Dorm

This isn’t something that TWICE should have to deal with.

The members of TWICE have had to deal with many obsessive fans, as some of them even choose to stalk TWICE’s dorm. During a live broadcast, the TWICE members shared some of their thoughts regarding these kinds of “fans”.

During the live broadcast, Nayeon read a comment from a fan asking if they could live right outside TWICE’s dorm. This caused Nayeon to ask fans if they could instead protect their dorm, as well as their privacy.

The members then reveal that they had to deal with a lot of people invading their privacy at their old dorm.

A lot of fans even waited right outside their dorm, waiting for the members.

Once the TWICE members moved to a new dorm, they decided to be quite private about their dorm lives, as they didn’t want their privacy invaded again.

The members even are reluctant to do live broadcasts at their dorm, as they fear that their privacy will once again be invaded.

Here’s the full video below.