Here’s What The Young Yoon Jihoo From “Boys Over Flowers” Looks Like Now

Can you even recognize him now?

You may remember the adorable boy actor who portrayed the young Yoon Jihoo in the 2009 hit drama Boys Over Flowers.

Child actor Nam Da Reum played the role of young Yoon Jihoo.


Nam Da Reum was seven when he played the child version of Kim Hyun Joon‘s Yoon Jihoo, one of the members of F4 and the main character Geum Jandi’s initial crush.

Nam Dareum with Kim Hyun Joong.


Nearly 9 years later, Nam Da Reum looks completely different (yet completely the same) at 15-years-old!


He’s grown into a young man with a beautifully chiseled jawline.


And now boasts a mature aura!


He has been steadily acting since 2007, cast as young characters in dramas like The Partner, A Man Called GodHero and Suspicious Housekeeper.

Nam Dareum in 2013’s Suspicious Housekeeper.


His popularity skyrocketed as his face matured and developed into a striking resemblance to Lee Jong Suk! He has been cast in acting roles opposite the star since 2013!


Nam Da Reum became a well-known name in Korea again when he played the younger version of Kim Jong Suk in the hit drama Pinocchio back in 2015.


And most recently he portrayed a young version of Kim Jung Suk’s character Jung Jae Chan in 2017’s While You Were Sleeping.


His acting skills as well as his visuals gained him a lot of fans!


He also appeared in Good Thief Bad Thief in 2017 and The King in Love.


From his first role when he was only 7-years-old to now, Nam Da Reum is definitely going places with his budding career!