Hexagon Shaped Storm On Saturn Looks Exactly Like EXO’s Logo

On the north side of Saturn, a hexagonal cloud pattern that strangely resembles EXO‘s logo has formed.

Saturn’s hexagon is a cloud pattern that is on the north pole of Saturn and is larger than the size of Earth.

NASA‘s Voyager mission first discovered this cloud pattern in the 1980’s, and now it is gaining attention for looking like EXO’s logo.

Fans have been totally stunned by the photo’s emergence, even sighting that this means the EXO Planet is real!

The Image of Saturn’s Storm

EXO’s “Overdose” Era Logo

Fans have joked that EXO and SM Entertainment may have planned this since their debut, having used the concept of “planets”.


Others are wondering if EXO may have come from outside our planet instead of outside the solar system!

Most people are just stunned by this fact and find it amazing.