Highlight’s Stylist Under Fire For Comments About Men Wearing Makeup

The stylist soon uploaded an apology, which only added to the fire.

When stylist Kim Wook uploaded an Instagram story stating make-up wearing guys make him want to throw up, fans became outraged.

Stylist Kim Wook is currently working with group Highlight and coordinating the members’ stage outfits. He has worked with other popular K-Pop groups, such as EXO and MONSTA X.


He posted, “Is it a trend for guys to wear make-up now? I want to f*cking throw up.”


When the post went viral and fans reacted with heavy criticism, Kim Wook posted an apology on his Instagram. He explained the comment was not about idols, but about people he saw outside that day.

Even after the apology was posted, fans could not accept why Kim Wook would say such a thing about anyone in general.


In his latest Instagram post, Kim Wook received comments criticizing his lack of skills as a stylist and has been asked to leave the company. The controversy grew wilder when Kim Wook’s Instagram friends began adding comments, trying to show Kim Wook support.

Kim Wook’s work has been questioned several times before by Highlight and other K-Pop boy group fans.


Furious fans have contacted Highlight’s agency, Around Us Entertainment, for an explanation and mediation. The agency has reportedly called together a meeting to respond to the Kim Wook incident.