The Hilarious Reason Why Rapper Swings Wants More Hate Comments

It’s a sarcastic response.

Show Me The Money rapper Swings is taking a vocal stand against haters.

He posted a message on his Instagram account encouraging more people to leave hate comments—but for a special reason.

So I calculated how much I would earn if I were to sue all of my hate commenters and I easily got 10 billion won.

– Swings

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이 짜식들이.. 아무튼 별개로! #팔로형과동생들다큐잘봤습니다 #꼭내예전같더랍니다 #sns와디지털시대에태어나서활동하는유명인은그시대에맞는관리법이필요 #꼭운동해요 #그리고명상만세 #그리고아돈기버뻑하는친구많이만나요 #막장인생이런애들말고진짜쿨한쿨친구들 #좋은프로잭트아이디어낸팔로형화이팅 #동생들화이팅별로안친하지만대부분이 #strit도 #불리밥잘챙겨먹고 #공황장애에시달리는영래퍼들의호소 #dm으로죽은고양이사진을 유튜브에서 검색 ps: 몇몇이 이 게시물을 보고 누군가를 저격하냐 는데 누군가를 뭐라 할거면 대놓고 보통 합니다~ 방금 악플 다는 애들 한 소리 하는 글에 바로 이간질로 받아치는 수준, 너희는 곧 후회한다 그러다가.

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Swings explained that he’s stopping himself from doing so at the moment so he can amass more compensation in the future.

There’s only one reason I haven’t started suing yet: it’s that I’m waiting until I hit 1 trillion won.

– Swings

He showed that he’s not afraid of being insulted online.

So leave all the comments you want. My hate commenters = my employees.

– Swings

In the end, Swings reminded people who post malicious comments that they “will regret it” eventually.

Source: Nate