Hilarious video shows SHINEE’s Minho secretly watching INFINITE’s performance

Fans are loving the idea that a camera managed to capture SHINee’s Minho secretly watching INFINITE‘s stage.

This hilarious video is recently making fans laugh over how surprising and funny it is. The video in question is a fan-taken video of INFINITE’s performance of their song “Bad” at the 2016 Busan Asia One Festival Dream Concert held on the 23rd of October. At first look, this video seems like a normal fancam performance video, but when fans took a closer look, what they discovered was hilarious.

This video captured SHINee’s Minho secretly peeking out from the back of the stage to watch INFINITE’s performance! Minho was most likely preparing to go on stage to perform next, but decided to take a little peek at the performance.

Meanwhile, the two groups are well-known to have a good relationship with each other, as SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Woohyun even promoted as a duo, Toheart in 2014. Moreover, Minho and INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu were in the same cast for TV program “Fluttering India” in 2015.

Check out the cute video below!