HINAPIA’s Fan Manager Attacks Fans With An Extremely Aggravated Instagram Post

“If you guys are so unhappy… then come do the work yourselves.”

HINAPIA, a re-debut group of four former PRISTIN members plus one new face, began promoting with “DRIP” in November 2019. On December 19, 2019, the rookie girl group held their first-ever fan meeting.


After the fan meeting, however, HINAPIA’s fan manager lashed out in a public Instagram story — attacking some of the fans who attended the fan meeting.


In the aggravated post, the fan manager sounded extremely offended that the fans “criticized the agency”, when the agency staff — including herself — have worked hard day and night to prepare the event.

My god, I’m fucking appalled. LOL. I worked my ass off, starving myself and breaking my back — like I can’t even lie down straight right now. And I worked countless late night shifts preparing the fan meeting. But I’m still getting hate… If you guys are so unhappy with how the agency is operating, then come do the work yourselves please. I’m fucking pissed. Who do you think you are to tell us what to do?

— Fan Manager


According to the post, it seems some UBYs became unhappy with the agency’s policy to ban photography at the fan meeting. In response, the fan manager angrily pointed out that it is the norm for paid fan meetings to prohibit photography and videography.

We announced ahead of time that there will be no photography allowed (even though we knew no one would follow the rule). You came, you took photos anyway, and you got to keep all your data. What more could you possibly want? Why the fuck are you hating on the agency and threatening us with the ‘Keep doing this to us and you’ll see’ bullshit? Do you actually want to start shit with us or what…? I didn’t kick any of you out. I didn’t format your data. You should be grateful, really. If there is a single K-Pop group out there that doesn’t ban photography at paid fan meetings, please DM me the announcement. So I can take notes or something.

— Fan Manager


As the Instagram post gained attention, K-Pop fans had divided reactions. Some found the tone of voice used in the post to be extremely unprofessional, while some found it understandable as to why the fan manager got so upset.

So the tone is a little rough. But the fan manager served facts. Don’t do what is not allowed. Don’t complain.

— Netizen


Shortly after, HINAPIA’s agency, OSR Entertainment — previously AlSeulBit Entertainment, tweeted an official statement regarding the fan manager’s post. The agency apologized for the fan manager’s “inappropriate content”.

Hello, this is OSR Entertainment. Yesterday (19th), after the fan meeting, a staff member uploaded an inappropriate content on a personal social media account. We apologize to anyone who may have felt offended by the post. The staff who uploaded the post understands the severity of the behavior and is reflecting on the action. We as an agency also feel responsible for this situation. The agency has spoken with the said staff member and we will strive to prevent from this happening again. Again, we apologize to the fans who are always supportive of HINAPIA. Everyone at OSR Entertainment will continue to improve so that we can provide the best service to you. We are sorry if your feelings have been hurt.

— OSR Entertainment

Source: Nate Pann