This HKT48 Member Talks With IZ*ONE’s Hyewon Even More Than She Talks With Sakura

She is famous for her friendship with Yabuki Nako.

Despite not speaking the same language fluently, Hyewon has a best friend in Japan who she talks to and writes to regularly.

Hyewon’s friend is a member of HKT48 and competed on Produce 48 but had to withdraw due to a leg injury. In her most recent showroom stream, she said she communicates more with Hyewon than she communicates with her fellow HKT48 member Sakura.

Hyewon’s friend is none other than Tanaka Miku who is famous for her friendship with another IZ*ONE member, Yabuki Nako.

Miku wrote a birthday card for Hyewon in Korean and said they have been friends since Hyewon asked her gently if her leg was okay after she injured it during Produce 48.