A Homeless Man Gave BTS Advice That They’re Still Following 8 Years Later

They have lived by every word since their debut.

As rookies, BTS were given words of wisdom at a time when they were still figuring out who they wanted to be as people and as artists.

During filming for their 2014 reality show American Hustle Life, BTS walked the streets of Los Angeles with their mentors, distributing food to the less fortunate.

In exchange for his meal, one homeless man offered the members advice that is still as relevant today as it was back then. “Stay true to yourself,” he began. “Stay true to your heart…”

“Be who you are, you know, don’t be like some other group.” 

“Be who you are, right from your soul…”

“…right from what’s in you.” 

“Why you’re an artist, what made you attracted to art — then be that.” 

“Be true to that, that attracted you, and you’ll be good at whatever you do.” 

“Never lose who you are.”

“Know who you are.”

“Be true to your heart.”

In the eight years that BTS has been BTS, the members have striven for sincerity and honesty. They have inspired millions of people and made music history without changing (or forgetting) who they truly are.