Hong Jin Young Got Real up Close and Personal with a Fan During a Recent Stage Appearance

She took “fan service” to a whole new level.

Hong Jin Young recently shared a video that was filmed during her appearance at a marathon competition where she displayed a very special kind of fan service.

Despite being drenched from the rain, Hong Jin Young proved to be a professional by performing with a bright smile on her face.

Aside from her performance, Hong Jin Young even took some time to chat with the audience, and she even held out her hand to one of her fans.

In response, the fan held onto her hand tightly, refused to let go, and even squeezed it over and over.

When Hong Jin Young noticed this, she showed her surprise and exclaimed, “This fan is squeezing my hand like crazy. Okay, keep squeezing it” and made everyone burst into laughter.

She then gifted the fan with another gift by kissing her hand which made everyone else cheer in excitement.

Hong Jin Young even added her interpretation of the incident by captioning the video, “A fan in the front row wouldn’t stop squeezing my hand, so I kissed her hand as a thank you.

Check out Hong Jin Young’s exceptional fan service below:

Source: Dispatch