All The Hottest Female Idols Are Wearing A Very Specific, Trendy Outfit

This classic ‘girl next door’ look is becoming a growing trend for top South Korean idols. 

The top South Korean female idols are often not only considered the current best visuals but also fashion icons for their fans.

These popular idols have worn the white crop top and skinny jeans combination, and it is becoming a growing trend once again in South Korea.

The easy look of jeans and a white top is a staple outfit piece that both men and women are attracted to. Here are the idols who have rocked this outfit combination!


Suzy sported the white cropped tee and blue jeans outfit in her latest commercial for Guess.

She’s always so effortlessly sexy!

Suzy always looks amazing in whatever she wears.
The look is the perfect mixture of casual and sexy!


In her music video for “Palette”, IU wore a long-sleeved crop white shirt with jeans and received many compliments for her amazing figure.

The singer showed a more mature side of herself in her most recent comeback.


In an advertisement for clothing brand SPAO, Seolhyun also rocked the white crop top and blue skinny jeans combo and looked absolutely stunning.

Seolhyun’s excellent proportions are accentuated with this outfit combo.


Suzy in a white shirt and jeans spicing it up with a super cool leather jacket.

Source: Dispatch