Hottest Idol in China Fan Cheng Cheng Reveals He Was a Trainee in Korea

Fan Cheng Cheng may be one of the hottest idols in China right now, but he was once training to debut as a K-Pop idol!

Meet Fan Cheng Cheng, one of the hottest idols in China right now!


This handsome gentleman is the famous brother of the global superstar Fan Bing Bing!

Fan Bing Bing is one of the most popular Chinese actresses, who also appeared in the Hollywood film, “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”.


It has been revealed that he trained in Korea for one year as part of his training with Yuehua Entertainment — a Beijing based entertainment group partnered with Pledis and Starship!

Justin and Jung Jung (Zhu Zheng Ting) from Produce 101 Season 2 fame also trained with Fan Cheng Cheng.


Yuehua revealed that Fan Cheng Cheng has been learning Korean and practicing Korean skills for years.

They are still unsure whether they will have him debut in China or Korea.


He recently participated in Idol Producer and maintained his 3rd place standing throughout the entire show.

During the first ranking announcement he amassed a whopping 6.7 million votes.


He received 15.5 million votes during the final episode, securing his place as a member of Nine Percent.


Many believe his sister Fan Bing Bing helped him become a member of Nine Percent, as she often cheered for him on her social media.

Screenshot of Fan Bing Bing cheering on her brother on “Idol Producer” through her Weibo account.


He even gave her a call when the trainees were given a chance to connect with their families!


However, Cheng Cheng admitted on Idol Producer that part of why he became a trainee was to prove that he can become successful without his sister’s name.


Fan Cheng Cheng has not only garnered fans in China, he has an amazing following in Korea as well!

Source: Dispatch and Star News