Humble Kings ATEEZ Reveal These 3 Wholesome Goals They’ve Set For Themselves As A Group

Hearing what ATEEZ wants to accomplish will melt your heart.

In a YouTube interview with JRE, ATEEZ talked about what kind of career they want to have as a group, and surprisingly it had very little to do with awards, accolades, and numbers. When JRE asked them “what is your goal for ATEEZ?” Wooyoung spoke up first saying that his goal was to be happy.

All the members and JRE agreed that being happy is such an important goal. Mingi was next and answered “friendship”.


Yunho drove the happy friendship party home by saying “forever” and spreading his arms out to embrace the members sitting next to him.

Mingi follows suit and adds “I love you, ATEEZ.” (brb, crying)

Hongjoong later added that they’d love to attend American music awards ceremonies like the BMAs someday, but ATEEZ has made it clear that their primary goals are to be happy, remain friends, and be together forever. ATEEZ are monster rookies who are taking the world by storm, so we’re confident that they’ll achieve all the goals they set for themselves. Watch part 1 of ATEEZ’s date with JRE below: