If You Ask Hwasa to Hit You, This Is What She Will Do

The fan asked Hwasa to hit her, so Hwasa responded accordingly.

In recent days, a fan’s story of what she experienced at MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa‘s fan signing was posted on various online communities and social media, and it’s receiving a lot of attention.

In the post, the fan shared the conversation they had as well as a photo to prove what happened.

Me: Unnie, what would you do if I asked you to hit me? Hwasa: What? Me: What if I asked you to hit me…? Hahaha. Hwasa: I can hit you. My hits are strong, you know. Me: Go for it. Hwasa: I’ll really hit you. Me. Okay. (Ready to get hit) Hwasa: I mean it. (Rubs her hands together) Hwasa: *Smooch* Me: Whoa. Hwasa: *Smiles brightly* Me: *Goes blank* 

According to this fan’s story, when she asked Hwasa to hit her, she said she could and that it would hurt. So the fan asked her to really hit her, and Hwasa said she really would.

Hwasa then started to rub her hands together and gave the fan a surprise kiss on her hand.

And the sweet fan service didn’t end there. Hwasa looked at the startled fan and gave her a big smile.

This experience must have been very impactful for this fan because she immediately shared it on the internet, and it’s receiving a lot of love and jealousy from fellow fans.

Source: Insight