MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reacts like a True Friend When Wheein Attempts to Act Cutesy

Wheein tried to imitate Oh My Girl.

MAMAMOO recently appeared on Mnet’s Queendom where Hwasa and Wheein showed off their chemistry as real friends.

On the show, Oh My Girl performed “Secret Garden” to which MAMAMOO complimented, “They’re all so pretty. They make you happy.

Wheein then copied one of the “killing parts” by singing, “Secret garden” and adding a wink and exact hand movements.

In response to Wheein’s attempt at acting cute, Hwasa was startled and immediately put on a serious face.

In addition, three question marks were added right below Hwasa’s straight face, making viewers laugh even harder at their very real friendship.

Check out the full footage below:


Source: Dispatch