Hyeri turns jealous during Park Bo Gum’s conversation with Irene

Red Velvet‘s Irene invoked some jealousy from Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri after a bit of teasing with actor Park Bo Gum.

While hosting alongside Park Bo Gum during the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards, Irene had nothing but praises for him. She said, “Bogum always looks perfect with his partner actresses. With Kim Yoo Jung and with Hyeri, who’s here today. Also with me on Music Bank.” When the camera flashed to Hyeri at the beginning of Irene’s remark, she appeared very bright. But at the mention of Irene’s chemistry with Park Bo Gum on Music Bank, her expression quickly transformed into one of fake jealousy.

Irene and Park Bo Gum formerly worked on KBS Music Bank together as the show’s MCs before eventually passing the torch on to CNBlue‘s Minhyuk and Laboum‘s Solbin, who currently host the show. Hyeri co-starred with Park Bo Gum on the hit tVN drama, Reply 1988. Watch a short clip of their interaction at the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards below.