Hyolyn And Sunmi Are The Cute And Chaotic Christian Duo You Never Knew You Needed

Hyolyn is effortlessly entertaining, and Sunmi’s laugh is too contagious.

Hyolyn was the first guest on Sunmi’s Showterview, and it didn’t take long for the two to get chaotic. Sunmi and Hyolyn share similar pathways with their careers, as both started in legendary 2nd generation K-Pop groups (Wonder Girls and SISTAR, respectively) and then became successful solo artists. Thanks to their years of experience, these two queens weren’t afraid to be candid on camera in the most hilarious ways.

Hyolyn (left), Sunmi (right) | Mobidic/YouTube 

Hyolyn has been very open about her faith as a Christian, so in the 60-second TMI section of Sunmi’s Showterview, Sunmi asked Hyolyn whether she’d prefer to work at a tanning shop or be a preacher if she wasn’t a singer. While it took Hyolyn a few seconds to decide, she ultimately went with being a preacher.

Sunmi also asked Hyolyn during the 60 seconds what Bible verse she had on her mind. While Sunmi expected a few words or even a sentence, Hyolyn’s reply was short and powerful: “Be strong,” from Joshua 1:9.

After the minute was over, Sunmi and Hyolyn discussed Hyolyn’s answer, and Hyolyn’s explanations showcased her deadpan sense of humor. Hyolyn shared that she really liked tanning, so Sunmi asked why she would rather be a preacher. Instead of going into a profound reflection on her faith, Hyolyn’s reply was so unexpected but obvious that you can’t help but laugh.

Hyolyn continued explaining how as a preacher, she would tan while thanking God for the sun.

She also explained why “Be strong” was the Bible verse that came to her mind.

Because you should be careful! When you quote passages from the Bible, it should be very accurate.

— Hyolyn

In case she made a mistake, the only verse that came to mind was “Be strong,” although Hyolyn emphasized that there are many other good passages besides that one in the Bible. She’s just terrible at memorizing them, that’s all.

Sunmi then tried to share one of her favorite Bible verses, Psalm 55:22, but before she could, Hyolyn couldn’t help but interrupt as she didn’t know Sunmi was Christian. When Sunmi confirmed that she was, Hyolyn was pleasantly surprised and unintentionally made a pun.

Holy… my sister …

— Hyolyn

And for both funny and serious purposes, Hyolyn wrapped up this unexpected similarity by crediting it to God’s blessing.

You can watch the full interview here: