Hyoyeon Reveals Just How Close The Members Of Girls’ Generation Still Are

The members talk to each other every day!

Ever since some of the members of Girls’ Generation chose not to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment, fans have been worrying about the  members’ personal relationships.


Well, a recent interview with Hyoyeon has put fans at ease because according to her, the members are still very close!


On SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” a listener who claimed to be a long-time Girls’ Generation fan asked Hyoyeon about the relationship between the members.

“Do the members of Girls’ Generation still meet?” — Listener


Hyoyeon explained that they are unable to see each other very often due to their busy schedules.

“Because we are all busy with our individual activities, we can’t meet regularly.” — Hyoyeon


She clarified, however, that the members maintain their close friendships by messaging every day. They must have a lot to talk about, because there are always hundreds of messages waiting!

“But we have a group chat where we talk to each other very often. There are always hundreds of new messages in the chat.” — Hyoyeon


Finally, when she was asked who responds the latest to messages, Hyoyeon bashfully revealed that it was her!

“I’m always the latest to respond. I might end up getting kicked out of the group chat!” — Hyoyeon


Hopefully, they can maintain their close relationship and release new Girls’ Generation music!

Source: Xports News and Herald Pop