Hyun Bin Is Actually A Total Troll When He Takes Photos With Fans

The photos Hyun Bin takes with fans are not your average “nice to meet you” photos.

With the overwhelming popularity of the Netflix drama, Crash Landing on You, Hyun Bin is the hottest topic of conversation everywhere online.

In light of all the love Hyun Bin’s receiving for his character in the drama as well as his chemistry with Son Ye Jin, all sorts of related posts went going viral in online communities.

And one of them is about the hilarious way Hyun Bin takes photos with fans.

From the looks of the photos shared online, Hyun Bin is a total troll when he takes photos with fans.

Not only is he warm as if he’s your real-life boyfriend…

But he also poses in unexpected ways, catching both the fan and viewers off guard.

As if his presence isn’t enough, Hyun Bin gifts his fans with photos containing both affection and hilarity.

After seeing such photos, fans are responding with comments such as “A man like you sure makes my heart pound“, “Look at the way he’s looking at her“, and “I would have fainted“.

There you have it.

Just another reason to love Hyun Bin.