Hyuna Demonstrated the Most Original Fan Service with a Toy Flower She Received on Stage

Hyuna is truly one of a kind.

Hyuna recently attended a college event at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies where she graced her fans with spectacular performances and fan service.

Among countless jaw-dropping performances, the one that especially stood out was Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop”.

As it is expected from the sexy star, she flaunted a tank top and mini skirt that showed off her stunning figure.

As soon as the music came on, Hyuna started dancing and even provided fan service such as taking selfies with her fans’ phones.

But when a fan suddenly gifted her with a toy flower in the middle of her performance, she unexpectedly put it in her shirt and continued with her choreography.

Hyuna then proceeded to put the flower behind her ear and even blew a kiss before returning it to the fan as the best fan service of them all.

Watch the full footage of Hyuna’s unique fan service below:

Source: Insight