HyunA and DAWN’s Instagram Interaction Proves That They Are The Cutest Couple

They set the standard for relationship goals too high!

HyunA and DAWN have always been vocal and expressive of their love for each other, and anyone who knows the couple knows that they are very fond of each other.

They have a lot of sweet interactions, and they just keep on giving us more!

DAWN posted a sweet and adorable photo of him with HyunA on his Instagram recently.

HyunA commented on the photo a few weeks after the photo was posted saying she misses him, and adding a purple heart at the end.

DAWN replied with a very heart fluttering and adorable message!

He replied with, “I’m coming,” and added a few running emojis at the end.

Fans are crying at how cute this simple and pure this interaction is! They prove time and time again that they are the best couple!