HyunA Revealed Why Everyone Loves To Eat With Jessi

It’s not because of her straightforward personality.

While Jessi is known for her straightforward personality and never pulling any punches, her close friend HyunA shared a different side of the artist when talking about why she’s such a joy to eat meals with.

Jessi and HyunA. | hyunah_aa/Instagram

As they discussed HyunA’s cooking, Jessi mentioned a dish the idol made just for her but forgot its name. She said, “Last time I visited HyunA’s place, she did that for me. Rice and that…

HyunA put the pieces together and laughed at Jessi for making the simple dish sound fancy. She questioned, “Nurungji is a cuisine?

That reminded HyunA of how much joy Jessi brings to whoever she eats with. HyunA said, “When I hang out with Jessi, she always makes others delighted.

No matter what HyunA prepares, the way Jessi always savors it touches her heart. HyunA continued, “Because if I make food for her, Jessi eats a bowl of nurungji gratefully as if she’s having Michelin cuisine.

HyunA also appreciated Jessi’s manners and revealed, “She is so kind that she even [gives] thanks [for] a glass of water.

Jessi can be the bold queen that fans love to cheer on AND the kind and polite person that anyone would love to spend time with.

| hyunah_aa/Instagram

See HyunA open up about Jessi’s soft side that’ll make you wish you were her friend too.