HyunA Has Lately Been Wearing Clothes From This Brand Only

That HyunA’s a style icon is a fact so well known that it feels redundant to write it down.

She can rock a Blondie t-shirt one day…

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A classic Benetton look the next…

And a red velvet dress the day after and not look one bit amiss!

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She’s such a chameleon when it comes to styling that no one can expect her outfits.

So it comes as a surprise to find HyunA rocking a particular brand from head to toe on multiple occasions!

And that brand is Burberry!

She had the classic Burberry checks and colors on from head to toe for the Melon Music Awards.

Though Burberry’s often associated more with a classic, reserved look, HyunA made the checks work for her powerful and funky image. 

HyunA was also spotted wearing a Burberry padded jacket on her way to Music Bank.

The padded jacket really emphasized the Burberry checks and HyunA carried it flawlessly. 

Not only does HyunA look good in the checks, but she also somehow makes the checks more fun and funky than they had originally seemed!  

Source: Idol Best