Here’s HyunA’s Heartfelt Reason For Giving Extravagant And Thoughtful Gifts To Fans

Those gifts hold a deeper meaning than you’d think.

When it comes to showering fans with love, HyunA is one of the artists that takes the crown for going above and beyond. She never misses a chance to gift A-ing with gift cards, luxury products, and even her own credit card for hot meals.

Even though fans themselves worried that HyunA was spending too much money on them, she has a heartwarming reason why she treats them to such things.

| @OfficialPnation/Twitter

Regarding the high price tags, HyunA wanted to purchase the items while she could afford the luxury. She said, “I want to do as much as I could for them while I’m popular because I won’t be popular forever.” There was also a deeper reason.

At the mention of a pair of boots HyunA had performed in and then gifted to a fan, she revealed that her gifts were meant to be a shining light for A-ing.

They were more than a token of appreciation. HyunA said, “I want my gifts to be like dream catchers or lucky charms for my fans so that they could feel lucky and happy everywhere they go.

Not only does HyunA treat her fans with the utmost kindness, but the fact that she seeks to brighten their lives with her gifts proves how caring she is.

| @OfficialPnation/Twitter

Listen to HyunA’s heartfelt reason for going all out with her fans’ gifts.